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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Of DDPK and Love.

Of Celupp and his "klaka ke badot?"
Of Marko and his "Oya"
Of Fafat and P1 wifi and her so-rare toolbox.
Of Nad and her so-called-minion-voices.
Of Azri and sweet talker.
Of Izzah and Electric Circuit and Programming. Eh. haha
Of Ikhmal and his Goodday Fresh Milk.
Of Hakim 1 and his "arghh"
Of Shuhada and her "aku cucuk kau Nad nanti kau shuuuuuuuuu"
Of Qayyum and his extra fingers.
Of Amir, Ijat and Syahrul and their happiness of being Tiga Serangkai.
Of Hidayah and Nana and Muiz and eh, sorry. haha.
Of Umar and sihir.
Of Syawal who is forever with Umar right now. I think Syawal has been sihir by Umar haha luls.
Of Kak Wawa and hmm entah. Dia jarang ada dengan kitorang. Hii.
Of Pales and nasyid.
Of Alip and bak hang, toolboq and his Honey Poney.
Of Hilman and his BTHO.
Of Pali and hmm hmm ni lagi sorang pendiam ni orang utagha ni. Hihi.
Of Joe and ashli. Okay Idk what are they talking about that ashli. Luls.
Of Faiz and iPhone 5.
Of Akid and hmm hmm, nose? Hiks, sorry Kid.
Of Yap and contact lens.
Of Azrul and Lipis and the so-called-tulang rusuk belah kiri aku haha
Of Atul and Kak Ton. Eh eh. Hii.
Of Izzati and tudung L _ _ _ _. Girls, you know what I'm saying right? Hewhew.
Of Salleh and Anjjingg!
Of Arif and he calls me Yom. Not Yong. Urghh.
Of Baim and his full marks for Electronic Workshops. Haiss jealous aku.
Of Hakim 2 and waiter at Kafe KSJ haha.
Of Amin and his mak at Terengganu.
Of Basysyar and his "Apa caaaaakap ni? Sorry eh."
Of Rusydi and those weird pictures in our Whatsapp group haha.
Of Che, the Kelantanese-Kuantan boy.
Of Hanif and SAS.
Of Adi and ciptaan manusia.
Of Alwi and cekelat cekelat Langkawi weee weee.
Of Hakim 3 and The-Cadburry-iPhone. And braces. And kuih raya. And Famous Amos. And kbye.

Know what, I'm starting to miss you guys.
Haiss teruk ni. Ni baru cuti raya haha.

Wanita Sado Maskulin.

Keep Calm and Stay Power. Hewhew.
Guys, thanks :*

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